Research Paper On Employee Relationship Management

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1. Introduction
1.1 Research background With the fast development of global economics, market competitions become more and more severe in recent years. In this situation, how a company survives and develops in such a competitive environment becomes an essential challenge for every enterprise. However, market competition is a kind of talent competition, as human resource plays a crucial role in the operation of a company. Therefore, employee management gradually becomes the cores of enterprise management. Besides, employees become the largest capital for a company but also the most changing capital that is extremely easy to lose if a company doesn’t manage well. Employee relationship management, which is a process that organizations use to effectively manage all interactions with employees to accomplish the objects of the company (Leigh, n.d.), is paid more and more attention by companies and researchers, to attract more talent and keep excellent working staff. Employee relationship management, regarded as an invisible service showing a company’s respect and care for its employees. On the positive side, employee relationship management helps to establish a healthy and active relationship between enterprise and its working staff. However, so far there are many problems on the aspect
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Objects of departments and employees are usually set according to the corporate development strategies. Upper-level managers set a general goal and disassemble to different levels of employees. Managers should give feedbacks to employees through performance appraisal in specific period so that could find out problems and challenges at work and solve them in time. Employees should achieve small goals applied to them so the entire organization can achieve the overall goal. It is a virtuous circle for an organization (Cushway,
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