Research Paper On Ergonomics

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1. Introduction
Ergonomics is an interdisciplinary field of study that seeks to design tools and equipment for optimizing the interface between humans and systems [1]. Ergonomics is also known as the process of understanding and improving human communications with types of products, equipment, environments, and systems. Ergonomics principles are used to improve the “fit” between the worker and the workplace. Targets for ergonomics improvement are divided into two broad categories which are physical issues, such as reaches and exertion, and cognitive issues, such as mental overload and confusing displays [2].
Many theories, principles, methods, and data relevant to the workstation design have been generated through ergonomics research over the years. Poor workstation design can lead to fatigued, frustrated, and hurting workers [3]. As a result, the productivity of the product and quality will decrease [4].
Often in an industry, the workstation is designed in an arbitrary manner [1], giving little consideration to the anthropometric measurements of the anticipated user. Small changes in workstation dimension can have a considerable impact on worker productivity, and occupational health and safety. Inadequate posture from an improperly designed workstation causes static muscle efforts and then eventually resulting in acute
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VMI refers to the simple examination of a component for detects using the human eyes and is aided by artificial tools. VMI is usually used because it is simple, easy to apply and quickly carried out, but good eyesight, concentration and also illumination. However, TT Electronic Sdn Bhd, which located in Kuantan, Malaysia has some problem with VMI. At VMI, the major problem that occurred is an inappropriate workspace that can increase fatigue to the workers, especially on the chin
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