Research Paper On Fairy Magic

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Is fairy magic good or evil? The question has divided Athens for centuries. The people on the side that claim fairy magic is bad have some fair points; the predominant being that their magic is often used for mischievous purposes. However, I am here to argue that fair magic is good. The most powerful form of fairy magic is a fairy’s blessing. A fairy’s blessing can grant a wish or provide help independently. This form of pure magic has extremely good outcomes on the person being blessed. Blessings help people in need; as if the fairies were looking out for us. Though they sound rare, fairy blessings actually occur more often than expected. In order to further prove my point, I have found and questioned four people from Athens who have received a fairy’s blessing. The first account is from a woman named, Nikita Carra. About a year ago, Carra was extremely sick and on her deathbed. Doctors told her she had no hope and only had a few days left to live. Fortunately, when the news spread of Carra’s horrible conditions, a fairy overheard the story. The fair visited her and gave her a blessing of health. “It was like a panacea,” Carra…show more content…
However, it was Cyr Morpheus’ dream to become one. He wanted to be a surgeon since he was a boy and his father got severely injured. His wound was gruesome but “with the help of a surgeon he might yet recover,” (165). Thanks to the finest doctors of Athens, Morpheus’s father survived. From that point onward, Morpheus wanted to be a surgeon. In order to become a surgeon, one must pass a series of intense medical exams. Morpheus had been studying for months but was extremely nervous. “The day before my first exam, I went the fairies for help,” Morpheus says. He explains that the fairies would not bless him with the correct answers. Instead, they blessed him with the confidence needed to pass the test. Four years later, Cyr Morpheus is one of the most esteemed doctors of
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