Research Paper On Fake News

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Is fake news a significant problem or not?
Some people think that fake news is not a problem since they are as old as the politics and there is no way to prevent them. On the other hand, some people think that they can change people’s ideas in an incorrect way and make propaganda.
Fake news is commercially made. They make the story more popular and attract more audiences. For example, the news about the batman, who is living on the moon is a commercially fake new. It only aims to make the news more attractive and does not have harm to the society. Moreover, the fake news is not a new phenomenon. History is full of it. The only difference between now and past is the presence of the social media. This is the reason why it is called as a bad weather. They are not the problem since they are just the excuses. Being so dependent on the news in order to entertain is the reason why there is fake news. People
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For example; during the war, it was said that Jews are killing children and drinking their blood. There was also other fake news about Germans which says that they are torturing Belgians. This fake news changes people’s ideas about the specific groups of people dramatically. The fake news also blackens the reputation of the media. People don’t trust them. For example; people don’t support British media after the lies about Iraq. Too many people died because of fake news. The news about the presence of mass destruction weapons in Iraq caused too many citizens to die in Iraq. In other words, political reasons risked the citizens' lives. It is also a danger to the society. While making decisions society can mislead since they cannot get the true information. It creates confusion and polarisation among the people. This happens since people believe in the fake news without questioning. Furthermore; fake news or propaganda is the tool of the extremists, who have no better
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