Research Paper On Fatigue Management Education

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SMART GOAL #1: By June 14th, 2015, Ken will water his plants independently once a day, as measured by self-report and the plants’ health. Fatigue Management Education. For ten minutes of each of the first five sessions at the Movement Disorder Clinic, the OT will provide education to Ken about how to conserve his energy throughout his day in order to minimize fatigue and maximize his participation in the activities that are meaningful to him (such as caring for his plants). It is recommended that fatigue management education for people with PD include assessing the “nature, time, and duration of activities, the degree of physical and/or mental effort required by each activity, the degree of fatigue experienced”, as well as the personal importance of each activity and the effects and timing of medications by using a log over the course of three days (Sterkenboom et al., 2008, p. 64). This intervention focuses in on the affective and physical aspects of the person, as well as all aspects of occupation in the CMOP-E while also being consistent with the rehabilitation approach, as it is looking to teach Ken strategies and skills to modify his occupations and environment throughout the day in order to engage more fully. It is also congruous with the cognitive behavioral approach as it encourages self-management and addresses the connection between behaviors (i.e. chosen activities throughout the day), feelings (e.g. fatigue, depression, hope, satisfaction), and thoughts (e.g. “I
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