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In a land far far away, there lied the huge magical country of Fiore. Fiore was quite special. It was a land of dragons! Since Fiore was such a vast area that had an unbelievable population, it only made sense to split the country into sections. These “sections” were called kingdoms. Each kingdom had a dragon population that shared a common trait. So for example, there was a kingdom which had webbed feet dragon. Or there were kingdoms in which dragons had fire breath, ice breath or water power. Each of these traits was considered “major”. Each kingdom was named based on the dragon population’s ability. The problem was, every kingdom was quite selfish and wanted a “pure” bloodline for its inhabitants. This meant that they wanted their dragons to mingle with other dragons who only shared their major traits or were from the same kingdom. In the end, their offspring would only possess the major quality of the kingdom. Dragons were so strict about this rule, that any dragon born with another major trait other than their kingdom’s would get slaughtered or be shunned by the community. This way of life continued until a rare case occurred among its inhabitants, Alistaire and Alphina.
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Alphina was a simple dragon tending her farm. Both of them got married. Life went on, until they had a baby dragon who they named Orpheus. Orpheus was like any other dragon. He was adorable with a yellow body and green spots. He had a spiked back, and had the kingdom’s major trait, a spiked tail. Everything looked normal, until he grew up, and his parents started noticing something odd. He was growing fairy
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