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It started at Silver Gate Elementary in Point Loma, San Diego, California, when I was in fourth grade, when my teacher, Ms. Bryant, offered my classmate and me an opportunity to go fishing. She said that only six students could go and two adult chaperones. After I heard what my teacher was offering, I could not take my mind off it. The chance seemed too amazing to pass up.
The moment I got home, I yelled out to my mom and dad, “You have to sign this form because it’s really, really important.” My mom responded, “What is the form for that is so important?” All I said was, “Fishing!”

My dad took the paper and sign it for me to get permission. “Here is the chaperone form you can fill out to go too” I expressed. “No, you don’t need me to go with
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One of the crew members asked my dad, “Would you like to bet on you or your son to catch the biggest fish today.” My dad answered by saying, “No.” The crew on the boat taught me how to use a fishing rod. We waited downstairs of boat eating snacks, getting drinks, and talking about if we thought we were going to catch a fish today. I have since learned that hanging out with my friends outside of school is very different from school and it creates a stronger friendship. As the boat continued moving to get to the fishing location where my friends and I were playing with the bait by making them kiss and feeding them to the seagulls. The fresh air on my face had a nice feel and the smell of the Pacific Ocean was very pleasant and…show more content…
I called my dad over to tell him that I might have a fish on my line. My hand on the fishing pole shaking. I tried to pull the fish up. In my head, I thought that the fish might got unhook and swim away. When I pulled it out of the water and brought it on the boat I got the chills. The fish was about seven inches, swampy green color, had a big open mouth, and a small tail. I felt at that moment that I was on top of the world. I just caught my first fish. The feeling of nothing I have felt before. Adrenaline ran through my body like a galleze running from a cheetah. I touched it and it was wet, slippery, and still moving which was gross. They put it in a sack and when the day was over, I caught the biggest fish of the

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