Research Paper On Flowers For Algernon

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Many books have been banned from school libraries. Have it be the language, racial themes, sex, violence,negativity, witchcraft, unpopular religious views,or even unpopular political views found in the books.What about Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes a book about a 32-year-old man named charlie who is developmentally disabled and has the opportunity to undergo a surgical procedure that will dramatically increase his mental capabilities.Why ban this book? Well in this book you can find references to the use of alcohol, references to sexual content and Bullying.The book's references to sexual content, alcohol use, and bullying influenced many parents to have this book be banned,but is the banning of this book throughout the nation justified.

One reason why Flowers of algernon by daniel keyes was banned in many schools was because of the reference to the use of alcohol. In progress report 16 the use of alcohol is mentioned a few times “Fay had taken off her shoes and was sitting on the floor, sipping gin out of the bottle,” This makes it sound like drinking alcohol is a casual thing.Alcohol is also mentioned again in progress report 16,” “is it wise of you to drink so heavily?” , “No, but i'm trying to relax…” “ This part of the conversation between two people makes it sound like alcohol is a remedy to stress. With alcohol being used casually and as a remedy to stress in the book, it's easy to see why parents would not want their children to read this book, although
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