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Forge welding
Forge welding comes under the category of solid state welding process used to join two pieces of metal by heating them to higher temperatures and hammering it forcefully. Forge welding process is one of the simplest methods of welding metals. It has been in use since ancient times. Forge welding can be used to join combinations of like and unlike metals.
Principle :
Forge welding for similar materials is carried out by solid state diffusion. This results in a joint that consists of only the welded metals without any fillers, fluxes or bridging adhesives. Forge welding for unlike materials is caused by the occurrence of a lower melting temperature separation between the materials. Due to this the weld is lot more stronger than the individual metals.
The temperature requirement for forge welding is upto 90 percent of the melting temperature of individual metals. Steel has a lower temperature requirement than iron. The metal may have a shining or wet finish at the welding temperature. Care must be taken to avoid overheating of the metal to the point
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Usually bond two dissimilar metals are joined using this process of welding, especially to weld one metal over a base metal extending to large areas. Production of corrosion free sheets and plate stock for making processing equipment for different operations in the chemical industries and petroleum industries are the major applications. Explosion welding general requires no filling metals, and external agencies for production of heat are also not required. Diffusion does not occur during the processes. The metal parts are metallurgically bonded, in many cases it results in a mechanical interlocking that is occurred as locking formed by a rippled or wavy interfaces between the surface of metals. The process of welding one metal plate on another can be described with help of Figure

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