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Freerunning: the art of moving your body across and around a landscape in creative ways by using flips, vaults, rolls and other acrobatic movements. But to me, freerunning is much more; it's a way for me to be myself, to express myself and to let loose. I first discovered the art in my freshman year, when I was looking for something different. I tried the traditional sports, football, basketball, baseball, and even soccer. I didn't see myself there; I wasn’t happy. Although I found comfort in volleyball, it did not satisfy my burning desire for something. Something that was different, that I could make my own. The interesting thing about freerunning is that there is no procedure. It is whatever you want it to be. Every freerunner has their own style, training, and variations. Everyone is self-taught, there are no formal training or standardized regulations. Barring specialized training gyms, you are on your own. You are using the environment around you to move your body in ways that I never thought were possible before. The freedom to choose your own path, this is what really turned me to freerunning.…show more content…
There was no way anyone could just do that, or everyone would do it. Turns out, I was right about that. Every day I find myself practicing the techniques and pushing against my physical and mental limitations. Sometimes, it gets frustrating, and thoughts of self-doubt and incompetence find their way into my conscience. But when all the pieces finally fall together, that feeling of complete and total accomplishment makes it all worth it. The feeling of empowerment that comes with what I do motivates my every
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