Research Paper On Friday Night Lights

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Friday Night Lights Research Paper In H.G. Bissinger’s novel Friday Night Lights he goes in-depth describing the world surrounding high school football in Texas. There is nothing like high school football in Texas, it is the best thing to happen to many of the people that live there. Winning a high school state championship in Texas can make someone a hero for the rest of their lives. This being said, it causes a lot of difficulties once this peak in their life is over at such a young age. Many of these people do not know how to live with themselves after their days of football are over. They grow up and live through their kids. Sports and academics are two of the areas of life where parents attempt to live their dreams and ambitions through their children. Some parents try to continue their athletic careers or have a successful athletic career through their kids on a daily basis. This can come from them not fulfilling lifetime dreams or having an unsuccessful career when they had the chance to participate in these athletic events. Charlie Billingsley is a very good example of one of those parents. He lives his old running back career through his son, Don Billingsley, who also plays running back. Charlie was a very successful player for the Permian football team. He played in college but let alcohol become more important than football. Charlie admitted to it in Friday Night Lights in a conversation. It is stated, “As Charlie Billingsley said, “I got him to live through,
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