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George Soros Personal Background
George Soros having a background from Hungarian was born on august 12 1930. Brought up with a Jewish background. He is a renown American business tycoon, a great author, investor, as well. with his business-minded brains, Soros is considered to be among the top 30 richest people in the universe. He owes investments worth billions of US pounds.

Contribution to politics
In relation to politics, George is influential especially when it comes to progressive and liberal politics. this is because he has largely contributed almost 10 $ billion to philanthropic-related issues. additionally, Soros has actively involved himself in peaceful talks on capitalism and communism in parts of Europe. This has impacted positively on education through his desired goals and objectives.

Business career
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True to this, Soros after graduation had a humble background in his journey as a business person. Soros started up as a sales person where he endured great obstacles and humiliation at the start. Determination kept him moving and later managed to get a job in the merchant bank. with his outstanding performance and skills, his ladder started moving upwards. He later became a director and there is where he credits the success of his journey both as an investor, financial person and economist. additionally, Soros had the ambition to study philosophy which greatly open up his mind to predict, analyze and make quick decisive arguments in investing in the American and Europeans markets. Soros came to greatness through starting of funds organization. this is well seen in 1967. He was a key factor in the formation of First Eagle fund which was an offshore investment fund. as time went by, things turned up to great fortunes in his world of investing to greater
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