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Greek Theatre

In the country of Greece approximately 90 ancient theatres were excivated in Italy,

Cyprus, Asia minor, and Macedonia (S2 Cline). There were two festivals held in Athens they

were called the rural festival and the city Dionysia (S2 Cline). Pergamon was the theatre in

Turkey that held 10,000 people. There were 78 rows of seats in the theatre. They were best

known for the sculpture of Zeus (S2 Cline). My goal of this paper is to tell you all about Greek

theatre and how in came to be through the eyes of many different people.

The theatre in Epidaurus discovered a layer of earth in 1881. The acoustics are

extraordinary and you can hear the performer from 60 feet
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Thespis won the first competition in

Athens in 534 B.C. (S2 Cline). A low speaker’s platform (Bema) was added to enlarge the stage

in the Dionysos Eleutheresus theatre (S1 Cartwrite). The theatre of Delphi was built in the 4th

century BCE and it was quite small with only 5,000 seats (S1 Cartwrite). The early theatres came

about in the 6th century BCE and were constructed wholly of wood (S1 Cartwrite).

The History of Greek theatre began with festivals honoring their gods. Greek Tragedy

was created in the time of the Athens around 532 BCE when Thespis was the first earliest

recorded actor. Thespian means “performer” in Greek terms (S1 JohnBod). In Greek plays they

worshiped all of their gods I will give some examples of them: zeus, poseidon, hades, and helios

(S1 JohnBod). Women were not permitted to watch the plays at all which was difficult for them

(S2 Cline). The dramatic performances were important to the Athenians (S1 JohnBod). Men used

to perform songs to welcome Dionysus (S1 JohnBod). The History of Greek theatre ended when

Alexander the Great passed away in 356
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