Research Paper On Green Bee Eaters

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Green Bee Eaters live among grassland and open forests. These little birds’ main diet consists of Honey bees, Bees, and other flying insects. The Green Bee Eater has a bright green chest for one of its best features. Another feature is its long curved beak. The Green Bee Eaters have made a great job of surviving meaning, they are not close to becoming extinct. They are covered by coats of colored feathers.
These beautiful birds have outside colors of orange, green, blue, black, brown, white, and yellow. The Green Bee Eater’s predators are just larger birds. For example, Eagles, Raptors, and Storks. They live for a surprising 12-18 years! The only have about four eggs at a time. They have a large wing of 11.4-11.8 inches for such a tiny bird.
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