Research Paper On H. H Holmes

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Chloe Shropshire
LaFayette High School
H.H Holmes

Abstract H.H Holmes was America’s first Serial Killer. He was a businessman who was hateful and just wanted people's money. He married thousands of women and murdered them to have all of their money. Not only did he murder women , he murdered his co workers that worked with him. He became know as a monster to everybody. As far as his childhood goes, he was a straight A student and did everything right. When he grew up into an adult, he used people and things to make himself satisfied. He was a very conniving person and a bad thief.

H.H Holmes was a very smart man, but he threw his whole life away. He could of did something with himself and made himself Out to become something, but he didn't. His childhood wasn't very good at home but, He was a good child. H.H Holmes got straight A’s When he was in school. When he became an adult and his adulthood started forming that's when everything started to turn for him. People thought he was a good man, and did everything right until all of his secrets starting coming out. You would never think someone would make their house into a “Murder castle” but H.H Holmes did. H.H. holmes was born in 1961 in Gilmanton New Hampshire. When herman was growing up, he was raised into a devout methodist family. Holmes was born into an affluent family, but he had a troubled childhood. Holmes father was a very bad alcoholic, and holmes never liked to stay around him. On the other
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