Research Paper On HRIS

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This research is divided into four sections: human resources (HR), information system (IS), enterprise resources planning (ERP) , and enterprise resources planning in human resources. I will talk about each section in details and explain the most important points.

With the increasing effect of globalization and technology, many organization functions have been transformed and organizations have started to use information system in various function and departments. Human resource management is one of the departments that mostly use management information systems. Human Resource Information System, is a software solution for supporting activities such as identifying potential employees, creating programs to develop employee’s skills and training them also
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HRIS is defined as a system used to obtain, store, manipulate, analyze, retrieve, and disseminate information regarding the human resources within an organization. This has lead organizations to rely heavily on HRIS as it helps them to increase their HRM effectiveness to improve their administrative efficiency, improve organizational performance, and change the way they are managed.
Human resource information system is considered to be a part of the overall organizational information system which is created to help an organization to perform better. HRIS can help organizations to improve their efficiency through faster and more accurate processing of information, and improved employee communication
The Importance of Human Resource Information System
• Store and retrieve information and process it quickly.
• Reduce the manual records and paper.
• Provide accurate information.
• Reduce workload on employees.
• Improving employee
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