Research Paper On Health Care In Canada

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Wimar Martinez Seminar Prof. Lauren Spito Second Week Paper’s “The Health Care System in the United State and Canada” The health care system is a program which is offer by the government in some country. This institution has different roles in society, but the most important are: to keep, maintain and provide all mental health to all citizen providing especially medical services. In the last decade, the Heath Care issues have been very controversial in America. The Health Care program modification and news implementations started in the 2008’s in the Obama’s agenda. The development of this program had many new measures and regulation greater to everyone in the nation. Some study and research are given example, in how much differ the United…show more content…
(World health Statistics). This problem can relate with the economic crisis in 2008. The implementation of this program had a strong purpose: help the people in the manner of the cost of the premium and health services. But, unfortunately this does not guarantee access to the health care for its populations. It has been many evidences of the negative outcome in the US health care system after the new reform back in 2008, for example, many citizens got uninsured, the mortality and others factors increased. Even though American have received since 1966’s the most reward in Nobel Prices in comparison with the rest of the world, it is the only industrialized country which does not guarantee access to health care for the population (Institute of Medicine,…show more content…
This can explain some of the characteristic which differ with the Canadian health program. In another hand, Canada offer Health Care services totally free for any citizen without problem. Everyone is covered automatically at the moment of birth. The Canadian Health care program offer not limit in services, it offer to everyone and you keep for lifetime. This give to the Canadian, the freedom to select any doctor and any hospital. It is why the level of death is lower, in comparison with the United State when come to this matter. In Canada the services, medication and hospital fee are controlled by the government, this created a better outcome for the security of the citizen. This regulation can lead to major saving in term of the GDP per capita paid by the government in this regard. The government negotiates drug prices so by doing that prices are more affordable for the people. It’s not necessary the uses of co-pays and deductible, but if any type of charged for any reason this can still be a dissent price by the patient. As result of this Canadian are proud and feel secured by the contribution of the social
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