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Hermann Zapf was a famous German typeface designer and a calligrapher. He was born in Nuremberg, which is a city on the river in the state of Bavaria, Germany. He was born in the year 1918, which remarked the beginning of the German Revolution in Munich and Berlin. Noticing his drawing skills, his teachers suggested that he should become a lithographer. His first apprenticeship was as a Retoucher in 1934. After that he did war service and stated repairing bridges after the Spanish Civil War. He was one of the first explorer of computerized typography, which was to experiment with the typesetting on computer. Hermann Zapf, very early on his life playing with font-making. At the age of 12, he designed a special alphabet which he used to pass…show more content…
Therefore, the text appears clearly when printed at small sizes. Though Zapf created this typeface because he was influenced by the Italian Renaissance letter forms, but, never got to visit Italy until he finished the Palatino Roman. The Palatino typeface has other varieties which differs in spacing and features. In 1999, Hermann Zapf revised the typeface and created Palatino Linotype for the Linotype and Microsoft companies. It was also extended in different languages like Latin, Greek and Cyrillic and was significant for being the first western OpenType font. Another version of this typeface was Palatino Nova, which was also co-designed by Akira Kobayashi. This typeface family also includes different styles like roman and italics. One of the other is Palatino sans, which is a sans-serif design and resembles Optima; another typeface created by Hermann Zapf. There are other versions of this typeface like, Palatino Sans Informal, Palatino Arabic and Palatino e Text. The few characteristics of Palatino are clean letter forms and open counters have made it a font that is very easy to read. This is the main reason for this font to reach the heights of success.
Palatino was mostly used for the body text; long texts, which became very popular. Therefore,

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