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Hestia is the virgin goddess of hearth, architecture, the right ordering of domesticity, the family, and the state. Just taking a glance at Hestia she is a sweet, modestly dressed young lady, but that’s not exactly would it always turns out to be. She is the daughter of Cronus, and Rhea. She is also the eldest of the Olympian Gods. Hestia always receives the first offering at every sacrifice in a household. In the public domain, the hearth of the prytaneum functioned as her official sanctuary. Facts: Hestia was the oldest of the Gods of Olympus. Even though Hestia was a girl, surprisingly somehow she disliked gossip. People often think that Hestia wasn’t very important, but in many ways she was one of the most important Gods. After both Poseidon and Zeus both confess their love for Hestia, a war nearly broke out. Hestia took care of…show more content…
Hestia powers can never be gauged towards those of her more famous siblings. Hestia mostly used her powers for controlling the fire, rather than using it as a weapon and not respecting her power. Hestia also used her power in a way that mostly isn’t thought about. She would use the flame to heal the ill and the weak. It was discovered early that fire could easily heal wounds, and stop infections from spreading to other parts of the body. Infections normally also resorted in death. Conclusion: Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a unique power such as fire? It hasn’t quite crossed my mind, but I believe that it would be extremely valuable to have a power such as Hestia. I wish most girls were like Hestia, and didn’t like to start gossip about others. I often feel like I am Hestia in the way that I feel like I should take care of people and make sure that they are properly fed & clothed. Next time you wish you had a power, just try to put yourself in Hestia’s shoes & see how you
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