Research Paper On Hypoxia

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Last several years, hypoxia gets into more and more countries. China also is the one of them. Let me explain what hypoxia is, hypoxia is a pierce of area has less oxygen and maybe more carbon dioxide. Hypoxia can make person death and it can make many body issues too. Hypoxia is an international issue in the world. Many famous scientists want to solve this trouble for a few years. However, hypoxia has three difference types of makes trouble about pollution. The coastal place has placed huge segmental pressures on coastal ecosystems. Human actions destroy natural habitats. This effect, the effect of hypoxia has been the most basic environmental. This essay explains what is hypoxia and what causer hypoxia, also this essay can help you know what hypoxia situation in China. For example, air pollution, water pollution and pressure pollution. Now, this essay will be talking about water pollution. Before we talk about water pollution, we will know what hypoxia exactly means. Next we will have a deeply impression for hypoxia. The economic and population growth, much of it coast l place. First of all, hypoxia is not a word difficult to known. Hypoxia is a condition in which the body or a region of the body is deprived of…show more content…
Never used be filter contains high concentrations of organic matter and when it is discharged to a stream or a lake. The water hypoxia is about Hypoxia caused many problems; significant effected many company included marine economy, tourist trade and fishery. Tai Lake which found in the southern of Jiang Su province may be the third biggest lake in China has usually in hypoxia, it made fishery in Tai lake faced crisis. For instance, in 2007 the beginning of May, the hypoxia use Tai lake and spread quickly, it reduce Tai Lake’s economy and this issue cost their government over 20 million dollar. That smell is not too good and many people were had a bad feeling for this coastal
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