Research Paper On I Am Malala Yousafzai

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“When a boy is born in Pakistan, it’s a cause for celebration. Guns are fired in the air. Gifts are placed in the baby’s cot. And the boy’s name is inscribed on the family tree. But when a girl is born, no one visits the parents, and women have only sympathy for the mother” (Yousafzai, 18). A power yet true statement from Malala Yousafzai in her memoir, I am Malala, shows the gap between males and females in Pakistan. That gap has led to many issues in that region, one being girl’s educational rights. The historical significance of this issue is shown through the past of Pakistan and the shocking statistics that go along with it, as well as the long term effects and what is being done today.
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One of them being the long term effects that has resulted because of this issue. Because of their education neglection, they lack many basic skills that are needed for work. Reading and writing is needed for many jobs, and if they are illiterate they are unable to perform the assigned tasks. Also, there are some jobs in Pakistan that are specific to women, and because of the lack of skills these jobs are always in need. Another long term effect is that many girls are forced into marriage at a young age. Their lack of education leads them to marry an older working man because according to some Pakistani representatives, girls should be prepared to become 'obedient' wives and mothers rather than be educated (Girl’s Education in Pakistan, 2013). Poverty and debt is another long term effect that many are facing because of their lack of education. Women are unable to get a decent paying job to support themselves or their children if they do not have the skills needed for the job. Historical significance is also seen through the Taliban. They are a group of people who have gained power throughout the years and because of them many actions were created. Undeserved deaths, many bombings and unnecessary violence, strict rules, and banning of ordinary things are just a few (Who are the Taliban, 2015). One last reason that the issue of girl’s education in Pakistan has historical significance to it is that many have been inspired by it. Malala was just the start of it, and it inspired girls and women of all ages in not only Pakistan, but all over the world to fight for their education. Many different organizations are working to help increase the number of girls that attend school all over the world. Some are The Global Business Coalition for Education, A World at School, and The Malala Fund. Marriage-free child zones are also being set up in countries where girls are being married off at a young

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