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IB Math Internal Assessment Beijing No.55 International School Name: Justine Tay Class: 11(3) TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract Acknowledgements Topic Introduction Images of Golden Gate Bridge Types of formula to parabola: Worked example Worked example 2 Proof Conclusion Abstract: The main focus and the finality of this Internal Assessment will be on the mathematical term, parabola. Parabola is any point that has an equal curve distance to a fixed point and a straight line. Occurs in many uses in the industry and faced in our daily lives. Acknowledgement: Sincere gratefulness for Ms. Zhang for being my Mathematics Internal Assessment supervisor. Guidance and care through this essay report. Thankful. Topic: Proof…show more content…
Suspension bridges are able to work efficiently because of their cables, which are interesting from a mathematical perspective. Since the bridge’s deck spans a long distance, it must be very heavy in weight by its own, not to mention all the weight of the heavy load of traffic that it must carry. Because of all this weight, this results in two active forces: compression and tension. The cable’s parabolic shape results in order for it to effectively address these forces acting upon the bridge. For instance, the deck sags from all the weight of the traffic because of compression forces, which travels upwards the cables. The cables then transfer those compression forces downwards the vertical towers, down into the foundations buried deep within the earth. However, the cables receive the brunt of the tension forces, as they are supporting the bridge’s weight and its load of traffic, being stretched by the anchors' ends

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