Research Paper On Insomnia

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Insomnia is a common sleep disorder which makes falling asleep very hard, or cause you to stay up or wake up, or make you unable to get back to sleep. In addition, insomnia can deplete your energy and reduce disturb your mood. Moreover, it can spoil your work performance, health, and quality of life. Also, you may still suffer feeling tired and ruin your temper. when you wake up. Strangely, technology, complications of modern life with its heavy worries, concerns, and burdens, and the accumulation of problems have generated numerous sufferings, particularly insomnia. But Insomnia is not a disease; it is a symptom of a lot of ailments. In my paper, I will tackle insomnia from various perspectives: definitions, types, causes, effects, and means of solutions.
1) What are some solutions for insomnia sleep disorder?
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3) How can sleep disorder affect our daily life?
4) What are the types of insomnia?


Certainly, Insomnia in known to be as difficulty starting or maintaining sleep; however, it cannot be defined from a specialist’s point of view. Therefore, it has general definitions, such as lack of sleep, inability to sleep, shortage of sleep, sleep deprivation, and sleeplessness.
From the perspective of its kinds, Insomnia has different types depending on its period. According to its duration, insomnia has three types:
1. Transient insomnia which takes less than a week
2. Short-term insomnia that takes one to three weeks
3. Chronic insomnia that lasts longer than three weeks
Certainly, unless chronic insomnia is treated fast, it may increase and undesirable consequences may occur.
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