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Interstellar, a movie about space, time and family, was made in 2014. The movie features Matthew McConaughey as he journeys through space to find a suitable replacement for their blight infested Earth. Throughout their space trek, they are able to overcome obstacles and solve problems through scientific analysis and logical thinking. Although Interstellar was made for entertainment and not educational purposes, the thorough research put into the movie allows for the average moviegoer to understand the plot and further increase his or her knowledge of the science of space.
In the beginning of the movie, the audience sees that a major blight has affected many crops that they thought were impervious, such as okra. With all of these crops being affected, people are dying because there is not enough food. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, blight attacks the shoots of a plant when they are young. This causes the leaves and sometimes the whole plant to die. To make sure blight does not spread one must entirely destroy the plant, prune them, or
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The planets are seen orbiting around an enormous black hole, hence the name Gargantua. While there is little known about black holes, the movie accurately displays what our human eyes would see a black hole as. Research from NASA explains that “a black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light cannot get out.” Keeping this in mind, the CGI creators show how light bends around the black hole due to the immense gravity. These waves of light are close enough that they are distorted, but far enough away that they don’t get trapped. This creates what is known as an event horizon where light can no longer escape. Beyond the event horizon and into the black hole there is a singularity. The further Cooper got to the singularity, the stronger gravity became, showing how powerful black holes
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