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Dia dhuit– hello. The culture of Ireland is interesting to me because my dad and grandma are Irish, I have an Irish name, and I look very Irish. Ireland is located in Europe the neighboring countries are Scotland and England. The Religion of most of Ireland is Catholic and Protestant. Even though my family has Irish roots we are not a lot like Irish families because we don’t eat the same foods they do, we eat a lot of American food. The culture of Ireland is very interesting and informative to learn about.

First of all the population of Ireland is 4,618,000 and the area of Ireland is 27,133 square miles. The landscape in Ireland is consisted mostly of farms, plains, and low mountains. In Ireland most of its industry or business is Agriculture. The thing that is mostly grown in Ireland is potatoes. The population of Ireland is about 4,618,000. According to “About three fifths of Ireland’s population is urban. The capitol, Dublin, is an affluent city whose metropolitan area is home to more than a quarter of the country’s people.” Ireland has a very fascinating history.

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Our religion is similar to Irelands Religion because we are Christian and it is a major religion in Ireland. Our family does not wear the same clothes as we do because we live in Florida and in Florida we wear shorts and t-shirts compared to pants and wool sweaters in Ireland. But we do have similar holidays like St Patricks’ day, Christmas, and Easter which my family celebrates. My family eats like Irish Families because my dad makes big breakfasts on Sundays with eggs, bacon, sausage, and potatoes. According to the book Ireland “Traditionally, Irish people started the day with very large breakfasts consisting of fried eggs, bacon or sausages, grilled tomatoes, brown bread, and black or white pudding. (A type of meat sausage).” So all and all, my family is somewhat similar to Irish
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