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Isadora Duncan was born in San Francisco, California on May 26, 1877. Along with her four older sisters, she was raised only by her mother, Dora Duncan, because her parents had divorced when she was very young. Once her parents were divorced, the family moved to Oakland, where her mother tried to make it through life by being a piano teacher. When Duncan was young, her mother would read famous works to her, such as Shakespeare and Whitman. This sparked the inspiration Duncan needed in order to create her own unique dance. At the age of 6, Isadora and her sister Elizabeth started teaching dance to all the girls that lived in her neighborhood. Isadora took ballet lessons at the age of 9, but soon quit because she felt it to be rigid and restrictive.…show more content…
She also paved the way for other modern dancers such as Martha Graham, Mary Wigman, and Ruth St. Denis. Some people feel like she doesn’t have a technique because it contained a lot of improvisation. However, Duncan studied each individual movement for hours trying to figure out the best way for her to send her message to the audience. Duncan is also recognized for elevating modern dance to an art form, instead of just for…show more content…
However, this isn’t true because her concept is still being used today around the world. Lori Belilove, who was a Duncan dancer founded The Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation. Belilove did this in order to keep the legacy of the famous Isadora Duncan alive. There are three areas of the Foundation, such as The Performing Wing, the Educational Wing, and the Historical Wing. In the Performing Wing, the company offers performances. In the Educational Wing, the company offers programs to train future Duncan dancers. In the Historical Wing, the company preserves and documents the legacy of Isadora Duncan. The company has included more than 80 performances by Isadora Duncan in the Performance
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