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Daniel Gomes
World Religions: M: 6:30-9:30
Jason File
November 20, 2017
Isis of Egypt The Egyptian Goddess Isis, whom is the Goddess of Health, Marriage, and Wisdom, has been widely worshipped amongst many religions throughout history seeing as her influence was able to spread outside Egypt as Isis’s influence spread also to the Greco-Roman world as well. The contrast of her worship in the Egyptian world and the Greco-Roman world is particularly fascinating as her worship had evolved over the course of time. In each of these time periods, as her worship continued temples were built in her name in Egypt and in Greece. The origins of Isis aren’t entirely known, however the first evidence of Isis was found in the fifth dynasty in the sun temple of Niuserre. Even though this is the first evidence of Isis, some like Maria Muenster makes the case that Isis was the oldest of the gods, and that she came before the Old Kingdom of Egypt, “There, in the beginning was Isis. Oldest of the old, she was the goddess from whom all Becoming arose.” And later continues to say, “In all her great and wonderful works she was a wiser magician and more excellent than any other god.” This all remains to be speculation however, since her claims are based on a lack of archaeological evidence. Isis’s elusive origins remains a common topic in Ancient Egypt history. Isis’s name means throne, and as she is depicted in the Ancient Egyptian culture, her headdress is a throne. Isis was a representation of

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