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Come On, Baby, Don’t Fear the Ripper…

Despite many Western countries having strong law systems and firm roots in Christianity, it might seem peculiar to think they also are obsessed with murder. From Nancy Drew to the TV shows Murder, She Wrote and How to Get Away With Murder, murder and crime investigation have become bestsellers in Western societies. There is just something intriguing about a good “whodunnit” crime, a good mystery that cannot be solved or explained, regardless of how many people and years have been spent speculating on it. In England, one of the most popular unexplained homicide cases is none other than the infamous 1888 murders of Jack the Ripper. While the killer was never found and convicted of the murders, several conspiracy theories have emerged over the years concerning Jack the Ripper’s identity and the motive behind the gruesome slayings.
Like all good horror stories, the legend of Jack the Ripper is founded in some aspects of truth. In 1888, five female prostitutes were murdered over a span of four months in Whitechapel, a poverty-stricken and crime-ridden district on the East End of London. These women are generally known as the “canonical five victims,” but there are many disputes on how many victims there actually were. According to one Jack the Ripper website, the Whitechapel Murders file lists as many as eleven victims, but not all of these were the murderer’s true victims (Jones). Another certain truth is that the majority of the women

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