Research Paper On Jamba Juice

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The Jamba Juice Company A lot of publicizing of Jamba Juice Company focused on the web-based networking media. It is dedicated to give nutrition and drink alternatives to customers. As buyers progressively prefer healthy beverages to get their daily necessity of fruits and vegetables, Jamba Juice is trying to develop its items rapidly from time to time. With a strong concentrate on juices and other introduced products, this company has embarked on its mission to offer a variety of creative products and projects intended to move to support better healthy life patterns. Their primary objective is to be the most active in the market by differentiating themselves with healthy products. According to customer correspondence platform, customers’…show more content…
They have a quality product that is one of the competitive strengths so allowing customers to try by “Buy One, Get One” campaign, has an extremely effect on purchasing power. Promotional efforts should be purposed to drive attention and trial by “The Million Free Juice or Smoothie” program using online coupons, and Juice testing programs. They also make other promotions like “Blend in the benefits”. Jamba Juice extended by launching and distributing the Cold Pressed Juice in few key markets, with arrangements to expand broadly. It has more than 850 stores, usually located in shopping centers. They attract customers by using some tactics, such as the large colorful posters of fruits and vegetables to show freshness of their products, fresh fruits surround the store, and promoting healthy lifestyle. Jamba juice are expanding into school environment to raise environmental awareness, so eventually, they are planning to expand their target market to include kids and adolescents. Increasing brand awareness by expanding broadly, will result to achieve their specific objective of gaining 30% of market share of the beverage market within 4 years. Jamba Juice use many channels to reach customers; starting from the introducer, and then to the agent, wholesaler, retailer and finally to the consumer. However, using the appropriate approach of distributing will differ depends on external factors; customer characteristics, culture, competition and in internal factors; company objectives, capital, cost, coverage, control, continuity and
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