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Jeanette is a young adult in New York city. She isn’t poor or wealthy, she is in the middle class. But in her past with her family, she was poor, always moving place to place for work. As a young girl Jeannette was tougher than your average little girl, a tomboy type of girl. When she was thrown out of the car in the desert, she cried but then stood up and walked to a place to be warm but went back so they can find her. She is a smart girl. By her description she is a skinny white kid that is very knowledgeable and when in a fight she doesn’t complain about it she just walks past her dad. This young girl did what she had to do in a tough world. As a poor family food was scarce and washing wasn’t the main topic. It is hard to be sweet and be moving around place to place for their father to get work again and having to deal with school in the middle of finding a new job. They all focus on working together and even if they are alone, they find a way to work or have fun. They didn’t have toys or tv to watch or anything fun, but that leads them for creativity and to actually be a kid outside of the house. So living the way they have sometimes actually helped their minds to adapt to difficult situations and to be creative. She has to steal if the food if none was available, she has to be stronger for her family because they are…show more content…
Like when her dad actually has money they have feasted at a sit down restaurant. But that only happens so often. But later Jeannette stands for her father about taking care of them, but her younger brother and older sister thinks that it’s not enough for them to live if they keep having to be starving all the time. But they both are tough because in one fight, he stands up for Jeannette with these Mexican girls. Her younger brother loves playing with her and he also has a creative thinking mind, and he is not scared to do most things to prove that he is
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