Research Paper On Jesus 1-14

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Throughout Jesus’ time here on Earth, he changed many peoples’ lives. For example, he would heal the sick everywhere he went, as well as preaching to thousands of people about God and His Salvation. The Pharisees, a group of legalistic people, were trying very hard to convict Jesus of a crime, because they did not like how he would “rewrite” the laws of the city in order to help people in need of a savior. In fact, there are three distinct times in Matthew 1-14, where Jesus “rewrites” the Jewish law in order to continue ministering to thousands, if not millions, of people. The very first time that we see Jesus being confronted by the Pharisees is in Matthew 9:11-13. This is the point in Jesus’ life when he is calling for his twelve disciples and he calls for Matthew, a tax collector, to get up and become one of his disciples. Once Matthew agrees, Jesus sits down and eats a meal with Matthew, other tax collectors, and Jesus’ other disciples. When the Pharisees see this they question why Jesus is affiliating with sinners. Jesus’ kindly replies that his purpose here on the earth is to convert the sinners into…show more content…
This shocked the Pharisees who could not believe that Jesus was allowing his disciples to break the Jewish law about the Sabbath. Jesus respectfully rebuttals their argument by saying that the laws about the Sabbath are not supposed to be as strict as they are. Jesus’ whole goal for making and keeping the Sabbath day holy, was so that all people would spend the majority of their day praising and thanking God for what He has done. It does not matter as much if a person decides to cook a meal because they are hungry, because just as long as their primary focus is on worshiping God, there should be no problem with occasional work being completed on the
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