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The vast majority of people regard Adolf Hitler as the worst human being of all time. This title is well deserved, as Hitler himself was responsible for starting a world war and killing over eleven million people. However, there was a dictator much more ruthless than Hitler. He ruled with an iron fist, and had an unquenchable thirst for power. He was responsible for almost double the amount of fatalities than even Hitler himself. This man was Joseph Stalin. The actions of Stalin during his early life, rise to power, and reign of terror are what molded him into one of the most despicable human beings in the history of civilization.
Stalin was born in Gorgi, Georgia on December 18th, 1878 under the birth name of Loseb Dzhugashvili (Joseph Stalin).
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After his expulsion from Tiflis Theological Seminary, Stalin bounced around for almost two whole decades as a so-called “professional revolutionary.” Among other things, Stalin would write Marxist propaganda and organize anti-tsarist strikes during his time as a revolutionary (Joseph Stalin Britannica Library). Stalin was jailed numerous times between 1902-1913 for his revolutionary actions, including even being exiled to Serbia in 1903. Stalin later escaped from his exile and returned to his revolutionary ways. In the year 1903, when the Social Democratic party split into two separate parties, Stalin ended up joining the more militant of the two groups. The group called themselves the Bolsheviks, and they were led by Vladimir Lenin. The other of the two groups, the Mensheviks, was opposed to the Lenin’s ways of violence (Joseph Stalin). In 1912 Stalin caught the attention of Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin. Lenin appointed Stalin to the Bolshevik Central committee ( Staff). Stalin was arrested once again in 1913. He was exiled to Siberia, but unlike the first time, Stalin failed to escape. However, all political prisoners were freed in 1917 at the beginning of the Russian Revolution, and Stalin returned to St. Petersburg to help aid in the Bolshevik revolution (Joseph Stalin Britannica Library). The year of 1917 was tremendously important to the Communist cause. The tsarist system collapsed during February…show more content…
He implemented a series of 5 year plans to help transform the nation ( staff). His plan hinged on the government taking the lands of the wealthy, peasant farmers, called the kulaks. When the kulaks protested and would not give in to Stalin’s demands, Stalin had thousands of kulaks executed and exiled (Joseph Stalin Britannica Library). The collectivization of farms led to widespread famine during 1932. It is alleged that over 10 million people died from starvation because of this (Joseph Stalin). Throughout his rule Stalin continued to intervene in the industrialization of the Soviet Union. To try to keep up with his lofty industrialization plans, Stalin proclaimed that time was limited and the Soviets needed to be able to protect themselves from outsiders. This launched a feverish push to industrialize as quickly as possible. Although industrialization was achieved, the strain it put on the countries resources was immense (Joseph Stalin Britannica Library). Aside from the mass starvations going on in the Soviet Union, Stalin also enacted a reign of terror on his own people. Stalin and his secret police, the KGB, concocted a plan to dispose of all people who were viewed as “Anti Soviet”(Joseph Stalin). The beginning of the Great Purge took place on July 3rd, 1937. Stalin ordered millions to be placed in work camps, and such
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