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Edson Mata
King Lear Sometimes in life you give something away that makes you complete because of your beliefs and values. Life hits you with moments that snatch away your happiness in an instant and with you not even knowing. The play King Lear written by William Shakespeare shows how one of the protagonist, King Lear, gives away his kingdom to his three daughters in a very curious yet typical way it was done at the time. Shakespeare focuses on how the distribution of power and the greedy of others affect not only a life but nations throughout the play.
The play begins with King Lear feeling like he can take a break from his duties and leave the responsibilities of his kingdom to his three daughters. Furthermore, he decides to divide the kingdom by his three
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Additionally, the King of France takes Cordelia as his wife but with no single possessions as King Lear had taken the rights of her being his daughter. King Lear believes Goneril and Regan will bring riches and gains to his kingdom; however, he suddenly realizes that it won’t be that way because neither of his daughters want him at their houses. After being embarrassed by his own power, King leaves both of his daughters’ houses and steps out to the devastating storm where he will start his new life as a poor man. He has lost any kind of power and royalty rights and as times passes by becomes crazy. Kent, Edgar, and other servants give their lives to protect the king and help him rise to his rightful throne. Finally, Cordelia now as the Queen of France starts a war with Goneril, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Albany, and Regan to fight for her father.
King Lear is a great piece of tragedy as many characters fall with their swords throughout the play like the King Lear himself as he dies of grief after perceiving his lovely daughter Cordelia dead. He lost his kingdom and his life because of a wrong definition he had of
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