Research Paper On Latex

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Latex has been used for many years in the manufacture of condoms; it is stretchy, long lasting, and particularly mighty for preventing the transmission of STIs and as a method of household planning. However, growing numbers of participants - each men and females - report antagonistic reactions to latex condoms and to find that they are unable to continue utilizing them without nasty part results. Fortunately, there are modern-day alternatives to latex which will furnish equal safeguard without the associated penis anguish, itching and redness. With the correct technique to penis skin care, men can soothe an itchy penis and diminish the effects of a terrible response, as well as determining the pleasant replacement to latex for future encounters.…show more content…
Men who're experiencing a reaction for the first time should make an appointment to peer a health care professional. Possible choices to latex guys who can't tolerate latex may just decide upon to make use of polyurethane condoms rather. These are constituted of a plastic that does not normally cause a reaction. At the same time it is more high-priced than latex, it presents equal protection in opposition to each STDs and undesirable pregnancies. Couples might also select to use typical condoms constituted of lambskin; nonetheless, at the same time these furnish security towards being pregnant, they don't avert transmission of STDs. Treating the penis skin correct Treating the penis epidermis with slightly TLC on a day-to-day foundation can help to advertise total skin wellbeing and preserve the penis feeling smooth, tender, supple, and attentive to a companion's touch. In an effort to care for the penis accurately, men should follow these basic
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