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Lionel Messi is arguably the greatest soccer player to ever live. His amazing goal-scoring ability has put him on heights players can only dream of. The way he dribbles past his opponents with ease brings fear to his upcoming defenders. Since his spell at FC Barcelona and the Argentinian national team, he has broken and set many world records countless of times, many of which being his own. The little Argentinian is nothing like our world has ever seen and is already considered to be a legend, despite his career not even near it’s end. Millions of fans across the globe idolise him for his extraordinary skill and dream to follow in his footsteps. He plays every game as if it were his last, and brings every spectator to their feet. With…show more content…
This life-changing medical condition required very expensive medical treatment that was too overwhelming for Messi’s family. With this situation in mind, the Messi family decided to move to Catalonia in the hopes of young Leo getting recruited for FC Barcelona’s youth system, and earning enough money to help pay the extravagant medical bills. Luckily, their dreams became a reality and Leo joined the club at aged 13. The club happily agreed to help pay for the piling bills, and brought Messi where he is today.
Lionel Messi made his debut appearance for the first team 3 years later at the young age of 16. Although he wasn't always so great, many players and coaches agreed that he could become one of the finest players to ever play the game. His soft touch and dribbling ability made him one of the greatest young talents in the world. Leo was living up to expectations, becoming the youngest player to ever score a league goal at the time. With strict training and immense talent, Messi formed himself into the greatest player in the world at an early age and helped Barcelona win countless of awards.
As of 2017, Messi has helped Barcelona win a staggering 29 titles, and was the top scorer in 16 different competitions. These awards include 4 Champions League titles, 8 Spanish league titles, 4 Spanish cups, 7 Spanish Super cups, 3
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