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The Maasai and Their Diet
The Maasai are a pastoralist tribe living in Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Much of their land falls within the Great Rift Valley. The main source of their livelihood remains livestock, consisting of cattle, sheep, and goats. Traditionally, Maasai do not feed on game meat as this is associated with the hunters-gathers (Dorobo people). They have relied on their livestock, mainly cows, for most of their nutritional needs. Milk, meat, and blood constitute the basic components of the Maasai diet.
Milk is the staple food for the Maasai people thus, it is included in almost all meals being served. Milking is done directly into gourds. Fresh milk has several uses in Maasai culture. Fresh milk is often boiled with herbs to enhance their medicinal value. Fresh milk is also used
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Preparations are made either by roasting or boiling the meat. Boiled meat is used by warriors when they are in slaughter caves deep in the forest. Roasted meat goes along with several ceremonial activities such as pre-circumcision ceremonies. Some parts of a slaughtered animal such as the spleen are considered medicinal. Meat is often preserved through frying and used during special occasions during the dry season. It mainly served to newly circumcised teenagers, breast feeding mothers, newly wedded couple travelers and grandparents.

Soups are also an important part of a Maasai diet. The soup is usually boiled with barks and roots of specific plants and trees. Adding plant material into the soup is meant to enhance their medicinal value to help in curing diseases, help in digestion to fortify a woman after delivery and as a drug to make the warriors fearless.

Traditional Beers
Traditional beers are used in most Maasai ceremonies for pleasure. Only elderly people are allowed to drink. Roots from some Aloe species are mixed with honey, sugar, and water then fermented to form a local beer known as endukesoi
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