Research Paper On Malala Yousfzai

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In 2006 and 2007 more than thirty percent of women and girls dropped out of school in Pakistan due to speeches that were given over an illegal FM radio station by Mullah Fazlullah, a Taliban militant, who was against women’s education. The Taliban continued threatening and attacking women who tried to get an education and then attacked schools, burning many of them to the ground making them completely irreparable. In January of 2015, an official ban was issued in the Swat Valley that prevented any women from receiving an education in the area. Some women still continued trying to go to school and gain an education in secret, despite the ban.(Washington Times) One of the biggest leaders in this was 10-year-old Malala Yousfazai. Malala was born in 1997, in Mingora, a town in the Swat District of Pakistan.…show more content…
Her father, Ziauddin Yousfazi, owned a school and was a huge advocate for education; Malala learned from a young age that knowledge was important. Despite being so young, she felt that she could make a difference for women all over Pakistan.(Malala Fund) Malala in one of her speeches said, “One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”(Yousfazi, Malala)This shows how Malala sees education and how important she thinks it is for everyone to have one. JK Rowling said that Malala is a “mouthpiece for girls wanting an education.”(Introducing Malala) Despite being a small, young girl, she made a huge impact and “captured the attention of the nation.”(Wylie, Louise) In October of 2012 Malala was shot by a masked gunman who entered her school bus, the man fired one shot that went through her head, neck, and shoulder. After the attack, Malala was moved to the UK where she received treatment. However, the attack only fueled the protesters and brought more attention to the subject.
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