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FTA 4540/5540 - History of Cinema
Mary Pickford Research Paper Mary Pitchford or “America’s sweetheart” was an iconic silent film actress and overall great entertainer in just about all categories film related. Mary was born on April 8, 1892, in Toronto, Canada and after only five years on the planet she would begin performing for an audience. Ten years later she would already find herself performing on Broadway in New York along side some of the most talented actors in the world. Eventually, Mary would begin working outside the stage and take a risk in a more recently developed artform. Mary and her luxurious curls would begin working with D.W. Griffith’s Biograph Studio starting in 1909 as a biographer starring in films, rather than her upbringing of theatre. This job, along with future breakout roles in movies like Tess of the Storm Country and many others would propel Mary into the limelight in the eyes of many. She would become known by the public as “the biograph girl” or “the girl with the golden curls” along with many other nicknames and soon would become the most popular and highest paid actress in America and possibly the world. She also went on to be apart of forming the United Artists studio. It is easy to see why Mary Pitchford is so important to film history as she shows the development of the first major star in cinema. Mary began starring in many biograph films in a time where film wasn’t popular nor did it pay very

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