Research Paper On Mercury Pollution

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The purpose of this assignment was to discuss how mercury pollution is dangerous for our aquatic ecosystems. I wanted to show that we should be more concerned about the effects of mercury and how it impacts the marine mammals as well as humans. Many people disregard mercury as being a serious pollutant which can cause severe illness and even in some cases, death to marine mammals. By knowing the effects of mercury pollution, we can make a difference by following measures to safely dispose of mercury product. By properly disposing mercury containing products, we will be tremendously helping to curb mercury pollution one small step at a time.
I had to carefully look for many current event news articles and relevant sources relating to my
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Water plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. Our bodies are mostly composed up of water and the Earth contains more water than it does land! Which is why I am taking this class, to learn more about water. Taking this course has opened my eyes. I have learned so many water issues through lectures and reading, The Big Thirst by Charles Fishman. Before I never even bothered when I use to let the faucet run while brushing my teeth. Knowing the water shortage impacts around the world, I have been more cautious about wasting water. Researching more and more has provided me with insight on mercury pollution and its effects on not only marine mammal but humans as well.
I was kind of nervous when I first heard I had to do a podcast assignment, I was worried since I somewhat have an accent and I also was wondering how am I going to come up with a script. This was my first time doing a podcast assignment so I did not know what to expect or how long it would take. Fortunately, the steps provided throughout the course has guided me to creating my first script! I thought that podcasts were presented by professional people who have an extensive background in whatever they presenting. I also thought that the people giving podcasts were only radio talk
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