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You may have seen pictures and videos with odd things in the background. Maybe an onlooker to something that happened way before Apple that was holding a MacBook. Could it be time travel? Or is it our minds simply letting us see what we want to believe? Old Apple type footage from 1995 shows another time traveler using the high-quality camera of an Apple iPhone 6. How could this be? Did someone invent time travel to only go back and watch Mike Tyson fights and Prince before he became that symbol thing? Because that would be exactly what time travel should be used for.

Mike Tyson Fan with iPhone
A video surfaced showing a Mike Tyson fight in 1995. This itself is not that strange. Well, a sober and fit Mike Tyson is kind of an anomaly. Just kidding champ. The odd thing about the 1995 video is that behind Tyson, an iPhone can be vaguely seen. Someone ringside appears to be taking an iPhoto of the fight. It isn’t a definitive video, since HD was yet to exist. But it actually does look like an iPhone. This would suggest that time travel does in fact exist. Would you travel through time to go to a Tyson fight?
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A Casio QV or a Logitech Fotoman may have been the perceived iPhone. It is a simple matter of how our brain tricks us into seeing things that aren’t really there. Simply because it is what we see daily. And we secretly want it to be real. Just like most of us wish there was such a thing as time travel. If time travel did exist, you could beat Steve Jobs to the punch. Creating Apple, the MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and
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