Research Paper On Mitosis

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Mitosis is an important process that it is responsible for mostly everything that goes on in your body. It allows one cell with 46 chromosomes to split into two that are genetically identical. The nucleus is in the center of the cell in which all DNA is stored. So in reality you don't need to duplicate the entire cell, only the DNA. In addition, mitosis takes place in stages called prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. Before mitosis all cells are in interphase where they grow and work to become useful. During interphase, there is loose DNA inside the cell that is called chromatin. Then the centrosome replicates next to the nucleus. Afterword, the DNA begins to replicate itself to have two copies of every DNA strand. In the next phase called prophase, the chromosomes begin to condense and the mitotic spindle forms. Next, comes the longest phase of mitosis, metaphase, in which the nuclear envelope breaks apart, and the cells use motor proteins to allow the…show more content…
These can cause mutations which can lead to a change of function and creates tumors. These tumors can affect the digestion and respiration, leading to death. A type of gene that regulates how fast cells divide is BRCA1 which belongs to tumor suppressor genes. The cells go through a process for cell division called the cell cycle. This cell cycle contains many checkpoints in which the proteins regulate how fast the cell can continue. BRCA1 helps some forms of mutations in the DNA. If the cell is damaged, BRCA1 keeps it from dividing until repaired. In your body, you have two copies of BRCA1 but you only need one fully functioning gene. When the BRCA1 is ineffective the cell is allowed to divide and accumulates mutations. These mutations may cause the cell to become less specialized and it can stop its function in the tissue. If all this occurs, then most likely they will develop into cancer
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