Research Paper On Mount St. Helens

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When Mount St. Helens erupted it took lives and destroyed at least fifty miles of the surrounding area. A volcano is a mountain or hill where a vent forms in the earth’s crust, letting ash, lava, and steam escape. Mount St. Helens included many details common to volcanic eruptions, caused damage and destruction, and how the area has recovered. Volcanoes are classified with the Volcanic Explosively Index (VEI) scale. Mount St. Helens was ranked at a five, the highest is an eight. The volcano erupted at 8:32 AM May 18, 1980. In all fifty-seven people died, twenty-seven bodies were lost, and the surrounding town was wiped out. After the explosion there was a massive mudslide. Mount St. Helens wasn’t just a lava eruption, it was also an
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