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In the novel My Sister’s Keeper, written by Jodi Piccoult, a girl named Anna Fitzgerald is conceived to be a perfect genetic match to be a donor for her sister Kate Fitzgerald awho suffers from a rare form of cancer. Anna decides to take her parents to court after many years of hospital visits and being poked and prodded by needles. This nearly tears her family apart as Anna is the reason that her sister Kate is alive, Anna’s mother disagrees with the whole concept of going to court so Anna can receive emancipation when it comes to anything medical. Relationships between Anna and her family change throughout the novel because of Anna’s decision to refuse to donate her kidney to her sister and take her parents to court because she wants to live a normal life without constant trips to the hospital. This causes a divide between Anna, Kate and her parents because of the disagreements about this issue. Kate no longer has the energy to live any longer and is sick of the constant trips to hospital and the medical treatments. She is the one that enforces Anna to file medical emancipation to get the writes to her own body to fulfill Kate’s one dying wish believing she will not survive the next procedure. Anna wins the case, and Kate later dies forcing her family to move on with their lives even though the death of Kate has changed them.

After reading this novel, my views on conceiving a child to be a genetic match for a sick person and used as a donor for them has changed. At first, I thought that genetically matching a baby to help a sick person when they need a specific blood cell or organ to help them
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You learn a lot about what it is like being made to be a donor your life and what it is like being a cancer patient. All the ups and down Anna and Kate go through was interesting to read as I understand more about what this novel is about relating back to today’s
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