Research Paper On Nature Vs Nurture

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Valeria Oceguera General Psychology 201 Critical thinking assignment 2 Professor Kraus November 13th, 2017 Nature vs. nurture debate Nature and nurture is a debate where both sides are convincing and where people have argued to find out which one is possible correct. The meaning of nature is that our behaviors are linked to our genes that were passed on from our parents. The meaning of nurture is that our behaviors are influenced and our intelligence and personality is determined by our environment. Nature and nurture has been studied by scientists because we want to know which side would be correct but today we still are not quite sure if there is only one correct side, maybe both sides are right. In defense of nature, behavior geneticists have conducted studies and have proven our behavior is linked to our genes. Our genes influence our dislikes, likes, personality, how smart we can be and mental illnesses that may occur. There are three different types of factors such as the physical adaptation, behavioral adaptation and psychological traits that take place in nature.The physical adaptation is how humans have gotten use to their environment which has to fitness, the probability of passing on genes to the next generation.…show more content…
For example, humans according to Charles Darwin had a flight or fight response when humans feared and saw danger their response was to either fight or leave. The third would be psychological adaptations which is that our feelings such as anxiety, disgust, happiness are ready to react to external situations. In support of the nature debate is the concept of the human brain evolution. The human brain evolution theory states that our cortex has evolved over time which has led our behaviors to be complex and to respond differently to
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