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Never Been Unloved
What takes for humans to recognize they are nothing? What takes for mankind to realize their insignificance? In a mathematical/logical view, there’s no sense to speak about better or worse, bigger or smaller, first or last, when you consider the One Element’ in the expression. It’s because the Element is alone. Nothing gets even close to be worth comparing. What takes for men to recognize His deeds towards them? Could it be the self-sufficiency we have in our “decayed” nature? A few days ago, during my nocturne walks, I spent some time thinking of moments in my life when God seemed to be working ahead me. My mind went back about twenty years when something very unforgettable happened to me. Some of my friends had invited me to ride with them towards the place where our musical group would be
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Although the driver and his family didn’t die, both of my friends lost their lives when ejected out of the vehicle and dragged on the asphalt. I could be the third one spread out on the bloody road. That experience brought me deep thoughts until these days, many years later. I have had other occasions in my life when I had to pass through dark valleys and move away from horrible endings. But during all this time HE WAS HERE. Sometimes, is easier not to feel His presence. But at the end, I have to admit HE IS HERE. This keeps me going and experiencing His Love. Today, despite that my life is full of ups and downs, considering my entire journey on earth, I can’t remember one single moment when God’s care seemed to be short. In the spiritual view, there’s no human comparison to God’s profile. It makes me think that the need of this Unique, Incomparable, Unmatchable One, is what makes us re-think our own condition. Listening to this song from Michael W Smith, I kept thinking… Yeah, He has been faithful to me all the time. Even when I decide to make myself not available to Him. But the reality is that He is there. And better than that, I
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