Research Paper On Niceville

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“Oh you’re from Niceville. Is it nice there?” utters a girl at a conference who read my nametag. “Yes, it’s very nice.” I reply in a somewhat annoyed voice. This question is without a doubt the number one asked question about my small town. I wonder if the founder just couldn’t think of a name and he just believed that it was nice, so he called it so. I have lived in this smallish town for the vast majority of my life. I came into the world on an Air Force Base in Mississippi, but since the ripe age of 9 months, Niceville has been my home. I grew up on a quiet block with hundreds of kids around, this later benefited my exponentially with babysitting jobs coming out of my ears. I rode my bike to school everyday in elementary school, blissfully unaware that my life was what some would call the American dream. I have no sob story to tell for my childhood was filled with wonder and love and innocence.…show more content…
My dad is the hardest worker I know. By observing his optimistic outlook on life and complete effort in everything he does, I am motivated to become the person he would be proud of. Of course, the human I am as a mere eighteen year old is not my end goal, nor should be anybody’s. People can always improve upon themselves if they continue to work hard. While my dad is not being considered for a acceptance, I felt the need to mention him to describe the qualities of a strong work ethic, good time management skills, and a never ending desire to do better that I have acquired as a result of him. I am a good and qualified candidate for a scholarship because of my work ethic that I have adopted from my dad. It is difficult for me to demonstrate my qualifications and why I am a good investment in a short essay, however I will do my best and that is what I will always
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