Research Paper On Night Shift Work

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Working at the wrong time: Night shift work Working the night shift is a common practice in industrialized societies. Nevertheless, its adverse effects should not be excused as this plays a vital part in control of cancer and heart disease. Prevailing in healthcare, transport and production industries, its irreversible effects on bodily functions play a vital role in reducing accidents, sleep regulation, performance, and quality of rest. The term ‘Shift work’ is usually referred to uniformly divided allocations of the day in which individuals participate alternatively to provide twenty four hour coverage. A shift in sleep schedule conflicts with the body’s natural clock also known as the circadian rhythm into interpreting the time as ‘inappropriate’ and disrupts the homeostatic regulation cycle resulting in poor health outcomes. Fortunately, it is deemed possible to counter unfavourable effects of alternating insomnia and sleepiness through certain practices. Shift work and sleep regulation The circadian rhythm determines the quality of sleep and cognition.…show more content…
However, the waking process through external means such as an alarm is proved vexatious. It is also to note that, sleep periods more than eight hours during rotational shifts are helpful because the loss in sleep is repaid while working an afternoon shift. On the other hand, day sleep shows no apparent improvement in comparison. However, subjective sleep analysis shows that night shifts enable slightly longer sleep than rotational workers on a night shift. This is assumed to be due to a contradiction with the light exposure in the external day and night cycle. It is shown that firm control over light exposure facilitates the circadian clock with adapting to shift work schedules at night. This method is found to alter sleep duration and alertness on a night
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