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Explain how Nike responded to this situation.
There were three major responses to this situation from Nike Inc. first; the company argued that its part as a designer and marketer of products was not to interfere with how their factories in foreign countries operate. Nike asserted that all factories were independent and what was between them was to get the products in its finished form. The company further argued that all employees were not Nike’s staffs so could not be responsible for their condition of work. In that case, it is appropriate to insinuate that Nike Inc. first response to the situation was to vehemently ignore and deflects all criticisms leveled against the company and its suppliers.
In the second response however, while the
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If Nike Inc. had responded with the above suggestions, the consequences would have been different. First, organizations like consumers’ union, student group and labor group that boycotted Nike’s products would not have gone that far. Secondly, they would have gained the confidence of the market, locally and internationally with the strong brand the company has built for itself over a long period. Third and finally, the negative publicity Nike Inc. received from the media and the consequent tarnished reputation would not have occurred.
In conclusion, although Nike Inc. is famous because of its sportswear, the company ignored the inhumane attitude of its suppliers towards workers and did not do more to eradicate child and slave labor in these factories for two main reasons. First, the company did not have responsive strategies to address various criticisms leveled against its contractors because the factories were not directly controlled by Nike’s management. But most importantly, the company refused to take responsibility for the attitude of its suppliers because Nike Inc. wanted the factories to work independently and was therefore harshly criticized for its lack of sensitivity and unethical conduct while amassing profits at the detriment of human

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