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What’s Up with The Swoosh?
Nineteen sixty-four, was the year Nike, one of the biggest athletic brands worldwide, was found. Although this was the beginning of something remarkable, it would only get better from there. Thanks to a Portland State University graphic design student, the world-known logo of “the swoosh” was created (History of the $35 Nike Swoosh). Over 17 and a half hours were spent making this logo as perfect as it could be. Nike went from being known for its many stylish pairs of shoes to a simple logo. No matter where in the world people happen to be when they see the famous “swoosh,” they automatically associate it with Nike. While some people may just see it a plain check, the swoosh is remembered world-wide because of its simplicity. When people walk down a hectic city street surrounded by advertisements, they may notice those advertisements but may also have a difficult time remembering them. There is a better chance that individuals are going to remember the simpler, less detailed, logos over the big and busy logos. With all of these companies blasting their products, how is one supposed to remember them all? Many marketers, including those at Nike, have found a solution: simpler is better. For example, when children walk through store aisles, they are drawn to simple images. Those images portray all the information about the characters and toys. Those images transcend all languages and cultures. The simple Nike Swoosh accomplishes the same

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