Research Paper On Nucleus In The Brain

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Nucleus is just like our brain because it just works like the brain. It helps us to move eat or reproduce. Nucleus is in the center of the cell it also called the command center of the cell. we have over 200 different types of cells in our body. Some can be really thin and some are long, just like a nerve cell that runs all the way from our spinal cord to our foot. Some, like a fat cell, have a more rounded shape. No matter what cells look like, there is one important thing all cell have is a nucleus. This is a control center that is found inside all of your cells. A nucleus is responsible and act like the head master or supervisor what a cell looks like and what it does. There is a nuclear envelope closes the nucleus to keep it separate from other materials in the cell like DNA.…show more content…
DNA occupies most of the remaining space inside a nucleus. DNA is inborn material that has the direction or the command to build proteins. Proteins are helping with most activity in the cells. Our DNA is arranged or structured in a systemic way into about 20,500 genes, basically instruction manuals for our bodies. Without all of these genes, our body would not be able to make proteins. Proteins are very necessary to make sure that everything in your body is working properly. The nucleus helps the cell to protect the very important DNA. More importantly, the nuclear envelope keeps your genes separate from the other things inside the cells. The things that make a eukaryotic cell are a defined nucleus. The nuclear envelope surrounded the nucleus and all of its materials. The nuclear envelope is like a membrane similar to the cell membrane around the cell. There are pores and spaces for RNA and proteins to pass through while the nuclear envelope keeps all of the chromatin and nucleolus
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